Vanderhoof Municipal Airport (CAU4)
Lat: N 5402.8 Long: W 12400.7

About Us

Royce Schaff

  Royce Schaff has been around airplanes all his life. After completing his training and apprenticeship in the Northwest Territories, Royce accepted and offer from the BID Group of Companies in Vanderhoof, BC.
  Royce has worked on all forms of aircraft maintenance and repair, with specialization in the disappearing art of aerial fabric repair and soon the call for his services was growing. “The business just grew too big for a small hangar and I needed a larger space of my own.” with that RDS Aviation was born 
Construction of the new facility was complete in June of 2018 , and has had a very productive first year of business.   
RDS Aviation covers a territory from Watson Lake to Kelowna, Prince Rupert to McBride.

RDS is Mobile

While RDS is based in Vanderhoof, they are able to get to almost any location in North and Central BC by road, or by air. 

Let RDS help keep your aircraft flying!.